Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Back on track

Finally back on track, 2017 sure is bringing a lot of surprises! Cant wait to hit the mountains again in a month's time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 lessgoooooooo

It feels like everything is closing in on me
There's not a single place that I could ever be
A magical spell has been brought upon me, from which I can not escape
A darker force has taken over, ready to alternate!

Can you break the spell?
Pure as evil hell, I need to figure out where I belong
Magic as the night I'm taking up a fight
It's time to break the spell, one last time

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Follow the light

All is never lost 
No, we forget what it’s all for 
Breaking down the walls
 That keeps us locked behind these doors 
I know they tried to bring us down 
We’ve come to far to turn around 
And if we lose our way 
We’ll follow the light 
Follow the light 
Follow the light

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We yearn to be free
Free hearts, freely cooperative
Like it was in the beginning
We are singing the songs of creation, together

Saturday, March 26, 2016


I can't wait for the next season yet again. Skiing holidays are definitely the main goals of every year.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


"I've been wondering, would you watch me slip away.
Would you watch me fall in silence, would you watch me fall in silence."

I'm lost again, as always.

Monday, January 25, 2016

End of 2015

So I'm about a month late for this post, obviously because I've been too busy!!

Now I'm glad to have achieved shed loads during 2015, but been neglecting this blog for a bit now (only 5 posts last year....)

Recap of the year : -

Went skiing TWICE - France and Poland

Starting taking time trials seriously

Highlight of the year - representing Malaysia in the UCI Amateur World Championships in Denmark

Went to Geneva motor show

Did the Coventry Sprint Triathlon and Nottingham Varsity Tri - faired really well in both but I have to give up swimming and running

Crashed too many times - ha gotta stop that as well

Changed jobs - more money, less time for everything else

So my priorities for 2016 has changed a little, this year I'm aiming to :

TRAIN HARDER - got a coach for that already!

And last but not least


Signing out....

Thursday, September 17, 2015

True Love

I read somewhere that no love is as true as the love for food - which I agree fully.

Yet after a deep conversation yesterday, I felt that I had to pour out something that's been eating me for a moment right now.

After years of finding my feet, I can clearly tell who and what I really love in this world.

Now the person I love most is non other than my mom, as she also shows unconditional love at any given time all my life.

I still love that girl who is now a TV host and doing very well for herself, making front covers of magazines and more, for she once loved me and showed me how to be a man.

I still love that girl who is now doing very well with investment advices, making good money for herself, though she's not found the right one I still hope everyday and night that she finds a good partner, for she once loved me and showed me that the little things can go far.

I still love that girl who is now working in a bank, and previously behind the bar, could do with a better life now with better friends and a proper partner but I still talk to her and give her advice, for she once loved me and showed me that not everyone can handle a man with huge ego but when one does, it means that the world is at your feet and you should learn to appreciate it.

I still love that girl who is now working in a hotel, behind a bar as well, having the time of her life with a new boyfriend, and I still pray that she finds her way to develop herself as a woman instead of a girl, for she once loved me and showed me that one can try and change oneself to be compatible because of love. And now I regret I missed out on that, but life goes on.

I still love that girl who now works for a broadband company part-time whilst still in university, working her ass off trying to make enough money to pay bills for herself and her sister, for once she loved me and showed me that you can love a far without compromising friendship. I really hope she gets a break soon and at least a decent boyfriend to help her out because she's with an asshole who doesn't stop her from overworking.

I still love that girl who is now aiming to become an elite triathlete, though she doesnt know me well but she's showed me how determination can bring the best out of you.

I still love that girl who had to leave the country because she couldn't find a job and couldn't afford to stay here to look for one just yet, for she brought me joy and she's shown me that a simple personality click can make my day a little better. I hope she returns here.