Monday, March 3, 2008


this friday, im going to support my beloved long lost friend in her finale of Studio Star Search @ Zouk, i still have one ticket with me, who wanna go lemme know asap...

Anywayz try spotting me in the below photo taken in Genting yeah.....

Today was damn funny in the workshop, there was this audit by Proton people coz our bos wanted to get new Proton License for servicing, so whole morning we had to act good boys. But the easier thing to do was actually to go for makan and minum at the mamak. so snaking chronicles began

10am - gerai mamak, late breakfast
11am - go to Jalan 225 snake
1pm - go to SMK Tmn Sea to snake
2pm - go for lunch break
5pm sharp - i rushed to 1u to see friends

imagine snaking so many times in one day, wat will the bos say when u go punch card before going home (His surname is funny, dun laugh yeah)

Mr. Raymond She - "Three of u trainees, tomorrow u all getting paycheck yeah for February, good job today, u all very quiet and obedient"

LOL woohooo more money to spend. anywayz tomorrow again another busy day, late update tomorrow

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