Tuesday, May 13, 2008


omfg i saw something in the newspapers today - Star In-Tech

HERCULES MOBILE DJ MP3 WTFBBQ!!! US$98 only mofolingam!!!

And its fuckin small and portable to be beside my laptop holy shit!! IM BUYING IT!!!

And then more pics from Freedom Festival
Liquidpop & Celt

Mashers for life
La Villa Bungalow residents

ok im gonna work my ass off for all the stuff im gonna aim for now.

this sunday, AFOS!!


Happy Belated bday Jin!! Fk Yea 19 edi

no matter how bad or terrible you think gravity crew is, get this into your brains people, we are combining Melbourne Shuffle with popping, locking and breaking, which turns out you only can find 2 groups like this, 7 sparkz and us. the people who hire us will judge how good we are, the others leh, dont like us ar? u can say that when u actually hire us.

gravity crew = not worth a cent to losers ma hahaha

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