Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freedom Elite

It was last night and it was crazy!!! Photo spam..

The entrance at 9pm, already filled.
See the free flow loot?? hehe
When we entered, first set just ended, then it was battle between DJ Blink and DJ Inquisitive, hip hop scratching...Early Birds, Pat-Me-LouisThen we picked a nice place to chill, right in front of the indoor bar
easy access to get drinks, crazy stuff!Then came all the other gang, yum seng time!And Cheez and Tysern came alongJinhao too came along with Kargan, Mashers!!It was Tysern's bday present from me and cheez haha
I still have lots of pics, lazy to post hahaha
Overall it was damn good event, cant deny it, but coz of pat lai, i had to ciao early wtf

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