Monday, June 22, 2009

A day in Singapore

Yes its a wild pose @ The Arena, Singapore during the Nuffnang Pajama party there.

Missed Yoji, had to return early by a day. But anyhow i had great great fun in JB.
Clubbed in shorts and slippers @ JB Discovery while 2 DJs spinning fengtau.
Bought enough good booze from 7-11 to drink in the hotel with Tysern while others were sleeping away, we had a damn great chat till 4am hahaha guys bitching.

But overall yea, was ok.
Researched on Singaporean clubbing scene,
at 1am, people are rushing out to puke & smoke,
at 2am, people are lining up to enter clubs.
Totally different from Malaysian clubbing, clubs there end at 4am.

Anyhow, it'll be another hectic week ahead.

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