Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two O' Ten

It's the final day of the year 2009.
For me, it has been a great year.
2009, I would never forget how much fun I had with you.
The events, the raves
The gigs, the girls
The classes, the races
The outings, the travelling

It has been great, all so very wonderful.

2009 would also mean I got my diploma in automotive, committed myself to my first wife and brought her racing, also my music career was given a fair boost, given the chance of playing alongside international stars and also kick starting my production.

Those few funny / embarrassing moments will always be documented and saved in digital memory, as well as those few beloved ones I've let go.

Should I consider myself lucky or unlucky? To have ended 2009 with only being married no more than my first wife.

Guess we'll have to wait till 2010 to find out if there's a better half for me waiting.
Which I strongly think, 2010 would be more interesting than 2009.
For 2010, I will be leaving my teens, heading out and going places.

So I wish all my readers out there a very Happy New Year.
All the best in 2010.
Rather than luck and chances come to you, why not spend this whole year fighting for your own chances. You'll be amazed what determination can bring.

Sincerely, from Chris Yip EVO™

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