Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stevie comes to KL again

Steve Aoki, also known as founder of Dim Mak label came recently to our very own Euphoria BY Ministry of Sound. {note i bolded BY because people keep saying MOS when it's not MOS, its just opened by the ministry}
One shall ask Steve WHO? To me, I dont really fancy him. I'll just let the pictures explain him.

He is the rockstar/sex icon of America {Devon Aoki's brother btw} or so they say.
watch how people are crowding and trying to get pics with him

And he can turn a club into this...
at only 11pm.

So the warmup duties were carried out by FOULWORKS
They're voted Best DJ of the Year by Juice Magazine and boy they sure do live up to that name.
They managed to bring the crowd in faster with their krazy electro house tunes
Yes they were great, and I salute them as the best digital DJs i've ever come across.

Then it was rockstar's turn to come on at 1.30am.
He came on stage like this...
with a mic, shouting like a madman and jumping on and off the table like a monkey.
Then came bottles of champagne which he poured to the crowd

And then he put on his well planned set {more like ready mixed} as you can see...
And keep the crowds going with his never ending shows, just look at the amount of people pushing their ways through the dancefloor.

Funny thing was, it was said that he only drinks water during his sets {he said on various interviews posted online}


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