Wednesday, January 13, 2010

True enthusiast!

Here I would like to do my first intro on blogs I follow closely.

If Paul Tan were to be the "must read blog" in the automotive industry,
then who do I go to in the nightlife and entertainment industry?

Kenny Sia? Nolah he dont blog often already
Joyce? She takes more pictures than write reviews
All the blogger groupies? e.g. smashpop, mynjayz, euveng...
they dont enjoy the events properly right? heading into the dancefloor with the 689257Kilograms of recording gadgets, snapping away when MGMT/Prydz/Armin's tracks come on.

I mean wtf right? But then, there is one man who does it differently...
He does it with real passion,
eventhough not paid at all (no media or nuffnang/adverlets freebie shit)
And through this passion he has gotten much followers
The "must read blog" of nightlife and entertainment.

Introducing, Mr Adli Syahril!

*click on pic for larger image*

I dunno bout you guys out there, but I do know that his reviews are really un-biased and great, showing the true feelings of a raver towards his own country's events!
Being an Islam and partying his way legally, its something worth mentioning.

Best of all, he always gives out free tickets in contest he holds XD
So dont hesitate, head to his BLOG nao to read more about Malaysia after dark,
and also to win some free tickets!

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