Friday, February 5, 2010


Last week I was approached by certain XXX company which I used to be related to

This XXX company has a great group of marketing staff, always getting all the big shots for their promos and advertisements, always doing reviews and ads in newspapers and top selling magazines. So to speak, they have a top notch marketing team. God they even have a few monorails decorated in their company colours and ads.

As I have been associated with them before,
they decided to try their luck by getting me, a nobody
to promote and do good reviews about this XXX company
on my social networking sites and blogs.

1. I regret having to be associated with this XXX company before
2. I have gone through lots of trouble while in this XXX company
3. I am a NOBODY

Immediately I shot the marketing team's bos in the heart.
Why use me, a nobody, to promote on something that I'm not satisfied with.
If I were to really write something out, it would be bad.
Also the purpose of my social networking sites is for social networking {duh}
And my personal blog is for ranting {abuden}

My verdict? XXX company CMI already.
Epic phail

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