Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Beats

Having been outta the party scene for awhile has been taking its toll.
I'm back to party more, and with my new sidekick/partner in crime,
we are going to rock every party now and then.

Last Thursday night we hit Mist club, for the launch of NEUBEATS (Foundation/event night)
Its basically very electro-house-ish so if you're into David Guetta shit,
its your night to attend.

The launch featured Designer Drugs.
And no, he wasnt on drugs...

Warmup by Juice Mags Best new DJ of 2008, FOULWORKS (IvanX & DRTH Sid)

And then Designer Drugs graced the dancefloor himself

And then Adli was too busy partying while I was too busy taking pictures of the chinese girl in the background. Kewt!

We hitting Mist again this Thursday. NEUBEATS feat Le Castle Vania

RM30 for guys + 1 free drink
RMzero for girls before 12 midnight

So dont save on it. Just splurge it, with a limit of course

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