Thursday, August 12, 2010


At a time
In situations
When you want a thing more than you should
You would fall
You would crumble
By picking up the pieces from the storm

That was when you said
"You least expect it"
That was when you asked
"How did we get this far?"
So far

That was when I wanted
To correct it
But I guess there's
nothing wrong with being wrong
At all

And it's fine
To complicate it
Complicated it's all I've ever known
I was there
Did you see me
Frozen in a flash put on the wall

Now is when I guess
"I least expect it"
But I will never ask
"How did we get this far?"
My God

Even if I doubt for just a second
I can still find the right in being wrong
So wrong

I can't do it any other way
Repeat I'd do it all the same way
And I won't justify
One more time
And I can't do it any other way
Repeat every single word we said
And I can't justify
One more time
ATB - Justify

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