Monday, January 31, 2011

The Unforgotten One

These shoulders are meant to carry the weight of love,
And in this heart there is that only one;
I lay right here just as a single dove,
Not knowing one day the right one will come.

The night it happened I could not sleep,
Till 9am my mind was kept awake;
Just thought she was there I might as well peep,
Into our lonely hearts nothing was left to take.

Ran away from reality to this fantasy,
Your loving lips I managed to feel;
Struck into a state of trance by your esctacy,
Hold that knife up oh please just kill.

That fire burning I feel the scorching,
Deep down I know I really got cut;
Tortured, battered, wounded yet I'm running,
Just so you know you're still in my heart.
Written by Christopher Yip K T

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