Saturday, April 23, 2011


A friend's mother just passed away about a day ago. Although I'm not clear of the cause of death yet, I was told that she was coughing out blood some time ago but kept it to herself, etc etc. This friend of mine, I know her whole family because they are the ones I meet every Chinese New Year, we would spend nights gambling and drinking together. Her late mother, whom always compared me to her son since we were both born on the exact same day, used to tell her son what I'm successfully doing since he is always bumming around. That aside, I find her a very great mother figure to 3 beautiful children that she has brought up.

The eldest son of hers, bums around. The second one, a daughter, whom I'm very much closer with is probably the only hardworking one. The youngest, which I feel bad for her now, is still in her early days of high school. How would they feel after losing a mother who looked after them all their life, at only such a young age. Which brings to my point that nothing is this world is permanent, not even diamonds. My deepest condolence to her, Amitabha. And as the picture i posted says, we have to learn to let go of everything in this world, so pause yourselves for a second, breathe deep and let go of things. Happy good Friday and Easter.

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