Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Freedom 2011 "Voice your Choice"!

Do you know what Mischa Daniels & Kid Kaio have in common now?

They both will be coming to KL soon! And they will be headlining no other party than FREEDOM!

Mischa Daniels (NE)
Kid Kaio (JP)

After months of silence, FREEDOM is finally back and here to take the nation by storm. Year on year we bring the hottest artistes from around the world to sold-out audiences all over Malaysia. But this year, FREEDOM is doing something new. We heard the cries of boredom, that everything is same old, same old, so we’re shaking things up! For the first time ever, we’re letting you choose what goes where in our nationwide events.

Staying true to FREEDOM, we’ll be bringing in a host of international DJs to spice things up - but it’s up to you to make the rest happen. Embracing the concept of co-creation, FREEDOM: Voice Your Choice (VYC) is calling all FREEDOM fans to vote for which local DJ gets to spin, what they wear, the experiences and even down to whether they want to have free-flow.

How to vote? Just follow the breadcrumbs to find out how. From electronic direct mailer, SMS messages to flyers: all signs point to the FREEDOM site to cast a vote. Aside the website, the FREEDOM fan page on Facebook is also abuzz with information and is a great place to strike up conversations with both fans and DJs alike; not to mention to find out more about anything FREEDOM.

The ACTS have also been announced!!
Penang (9th July)
Sid Vicious (US)

Melaka (15th July)
Room 1: Sid Vicious (US)
Room 2: Blink (MY)

JB (16th July)
Ray Ray (TW)

KL (23rd July)
Room 1: Mischa Daniels (NE) * FONO (MY)
Room 2: Kid Kaio (JP) * Lapsap (MY)

In the FREEDOM world, not only will you see event details and vote for your choices, there’s also lucrative prizes to be won such as Ipad 2s , Panasonic Lumix LX-5s, Ipod Nanos with them Griffin slapwatches and more!

So visit the FREEDOM world now at !

FREEDOM.... It's time to make it yours.

I have been voting EVERYDAY for Mr.Nasty to spin in FREEDOM KL & Melaka!
You ask why? Simple answer - just see how cool he is compared to the other DJs
So guys VOTE for MR.NASTY now! Deadline is 27th May, can vote once a day!

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