Friday, December 26, 2014

End of year 2014

Been another good year, this year I've ticked off more stuff on my bucket list - 

Go skiing - this is going to be my yearly affair!!

Ran a half marathon unprepared - aimed sub-2 hours and managed 1 hour 45 mins

Started timetrialing - represented the university in BUCS TT - surprise coming up!

Took a selfie with the most decorated cyclist in this era, World champion Marianne Vos!

Impromptu trip - always wanted to try this, woke up and decided I wanna leave the country for a week without telling anyone, packed a suitcase, went to the airport, boarded the next flight to Barcelona and voila!

Became a resident DJ in the hottest club in Coventry - Kasbah 

Watched the Tour de France, LIVE!!

Participated in the European duathlon championship qualifiers without any training - came in 9th position in my category with a strong field of competitors, how unexpected!

Won a few badminton tournaments, more to come next year as well - I'm getting quite good at this

Fell in and out of love, but most importantly made lots of new friends as usual!!

And for next year, what's on the list? Triathlons, criteriums, full marathon, more travelling (hopefully USA), more skiing, properly falling in love and losing myself in it. At least I can look forward to graduate another qualification next year so roll on 2015!!!

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