Friday, November 14, 2008

DJ Evo

More than 2 years ago, the Melbourne Shuffle craze started
It was because of that, we were all so crazy about obtaining the latest and nicest Hard Trance song there is on the internet, or any other ways we can get them.
And then some of us eventually branched off from the shuffling craze,
moved further into the music craze.
People everywhere wanted to be a DJ.
People everywhere envied a DJ.
People everywhere thought DJ was the easy way to get laid.
I thought DJing was fun, and started off with Virtual DJ software (paria wan) on my laptop.
From bedroom to park shuffles....
then i moved on to slower songs - Uplifting and progressive vocal trance
then next i came on Radio KUL, which was something big for me.
And then,
Last Saturday,
something big happened to me.
I decided to try my luck by joining the Tiger FC Beat Battle, an amateur DJing competition.
4 finalist (including me), 4 diff genre
champion decided by the crowd.
With none of my friends came to support me at all, hopes were slim....
But then i won, it was because of the music, the same music that got me going from day one.
And now, Dj Evo is trying to get out there, show everyone what he's got
eventhough he did not have lectures and lessons.

And this is his new gear...
Won from the compy at Republic Bar