Sunday, November 9, 2008


Friday night was one heck of a night.
Me and my pals attended the Soft Opening for SupperClub, which is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, the old Soda place. And SupperClub is actually Ruums club shifted after closing down, so should be worth going.
Entrance was quick and easy, nothing fancy, reminds us of the old Ruums
Same goes for the banners, Ruums style!
Upon entry, I couldnt help but notice about the bridge above, similar to the one in Euphoria, but not as big, its a cool thing, coz from the bottom, its transparent glass XD
Close up shot on the bridge, girls wearing mini skirts beware
So my friends opened a 42&below, at a very decent price. The better thing was before 10, liqour is sold at dirt cheap price for a club, good sign, early clubbing hours wheeee
By 11pm, club was filled filled filled! Mr.Roger from SupperClub must be very happy!
The bar - spot the mohawk ladies lol

And that wraps up my post on SupperClub, next post should be about TigerFC Arsenal vs ManU

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tysern said...

haha great place it seems, just asking, how much are the "dirt cheap" prices there btw?!