Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scream out during Hallo-Freaking-Ween!

Halloween was hectic for me, had 4 places to choose from, settled for 2 in the same area.
So imagine running from one event to another, and meeting lots of strangely dressed people.
Nuff said, pic spams

Mypartners communications were kind enough to provide me with Media Pass
for event coverage for the event SCREAM at
Sunway Lagoon Theme ParkSo as usual, enter through main entrance, follow the signs
like a maze, with hidden people everywhereWe were eventually greeted by first scare of the night
Mr Stone Zombie, which acting skills are 5/5
Fkin Realistic shiet, except for the part i spotted him wearing New Balance shoes..And then Mr Freddy popped out right after the escalator
clawwing my friend, scaring the crap outta himSo we reached the main party area after passing around
5 ghost/monsters lol, great view from the areaAt arriving the main area, a redemption counter for drinks
could be seen at the entrance, with a couple bartenders
showing some cocktail shaker tricksThe crowd at 9pm (event suppose to begin at 8.30pm)?
My friends can give u an idea of the crowd...
Due to the sien-nesss at that time, we started to find people to camwhore with,
It was Mr and Mrs Keong Si that we found very interestingBut interesting chinese zombie doesnt amuse us long enough
Hence we left the party for another one......EUPHORIA! Yay haha, just at the other side of Sunway Pyramid
Seemed to be more happening in Euphoria in conjunction with their
Hallo "Freaking" Ween night

Met up with my sban classmate and his pals
Yes she stole my hat and used it haha (my friend might be gay)Met up with some sec-schoolmates, Alicia and Margaret
World is small, real small
And that wraps up my halloween night, Oktobeer Fest post coming up!

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adlisyahril said...

i think the event is too expensive kot.
no big name but have to pay big bucks.

but you did enjoy the party in euphoria, right? :D