Sunday, December 13, 2009

Michael Lau.The Godfather.Zinc

So yeah i managed to get myself to Zinc @ Bangsar to get poisoned. Was accompanied by my uncle who has his thing about art goin on..

Michael Lau X MINDstyle

I was greeted by "these" at the entrance.
The Godfather "cult"

Isnt it just mind blowing?

And then there was the full collection of some special "Garderner"s
(was told it was purchased on the premier of this event, USD$21,000 paid in cash by a 52 yo man)
Align Center
My personal favourite - LAZY DJ TOMY (more like lazy evo)
Some great street art paintings. Spot special Obama..

At last, my favourite shot of the day.
ZINC - great place for art lovers
My shots aren't that great anyway, was using JonYKT's entry lvl DSLR.
There were Garderner's vinyl figures on sale, but sadly none that suits me (lucky also, i didnt spend my 600 i wanted to)

Zinc is located in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Opposite Maybank building, beside Toyota showroom. Go have a visit guys, the exhibition is on till the 19th..